Private Label represents as much as 50% of some markets. Can it get that big in the U.S.?

In Europe, PRIVATE LABEL is bigger than in the U.S., with about one in three purchases made on private label brands.

For some European countries like Switzerland, nearly half of purchases made are on private label. Will it ever get that big in the U.S.?

Given the high penetration of private label sales in retail industries like home and apparel and of both ecommerce and private labels, there is much growth ahead for private-label brands in the U.S. that can promote innovation online. 

The NPD Group research reveals there is a lucrative segment of shoppers who are actively engaged with direct-to-consumer private-label brands online. Industries like apparel and home are further along than tech or accessories in the online pervasiveness of Private Label. But given the private label growth in these industries online, NPD believes things are just starting to heat up.

Moreover, as national brands lose share, the writing is on the wall: private label is far from finished growing.

Thank you Marshal Cohen and NPD for this graphic.


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