8 Human Truths: A Path to Impulse Purchasing

The Hershey Company idenitified “eight human truths” to help retail partners increase impulse purchases.

1. Indulge. Shoppers seek permission to “give in” to the guilt. They know they can’t be good all of the time and really don’t want to be. 

2. Delight. New flavors? New packaging? An exciting retail display? Offer something that breaks up the sometimes mundane or noisy…

3. Score. Help shoppers feel they’re beating the system by giving them a sense that they’ve found a great deal. Make it fun to follow an impulse.

4. Recharge. Sometimes the consumer needs a break to boost energy or improve his or her mood.

5. Remind. Suggestions for items shoppers neglected to pick up that were on their shopping list.

6. Inspire. Savvy merchandisers cause customers to stop in front of a product or category that they might not normally visit. “It’s about what you want rather than what you need.

7. Gesture. A retailer who suggests a smart way for parents to prevent a tantrum from kids will win their gratitude.

8. Incentivize. Customers appreciate the opportunity for an impulse purchase that offers a small yet touching way to connect with their loved ones.

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