Retail “Libations and Learning”

#Retail. What worked? What failed and why? What’s next?

Join Anne Marie Stephen, Steve Dennis and me for a dynamic, entertaining and informative discussion on Sunday, January 13th, from 7 until 9 PM.

“Libations and Learning” during NRF 2019. At the Harman Retail Center, 527 Madison Avenue, NYC. (Guests will receive 30% off in-store purchases.)

National Retail Federation #NRF2019

Limited seats available, confirm your attendance by registering here:

Sponsored by SAMSUNG SDS and HARMAN International.

“Samsung SDS and HARMAN unveil the next generation in retail technology. In partnership with Retail Innovation Lounge, we invite you to get inspired by our all-star panel of retail innovation experts.”

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The Retail Apocalypse is Old News. Now What?

In 2019, regardless of size, tenure or segment of business retailers, brands and suppliers must recognize that they can no longer navigate the new landscape with old maps.

Tomorrow’s retail winners will be nimble, data-driven, fast-to-market and cost efficient. They will have the foresight, fortitude and fearlessness to disrupt their own identity and legacy models.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

The rate of change will escalate. There is no time for deep contemplation. Winners will leap, measure and then optimize.

Failing fast will be a requirement, not an option. Succeeding fast will be a requirement, too.

The Alchemist’s Retail Prophecies for 2019:

Warning: One can identify prognosticators who use a crystal ball to predict the retail future. They’re the ones with glass shards in their bleeding hands and smoke issuing from their charred eyebrows.