Amazon Wants to Access Your Social Media, Selfies and Calendar

Amazon wants to view your selfies, location and calendar to recommend outfits for you to wear today, displayed on a virtual avatar of you.

The online data and product giant has applied for a patent to data mine your social media, photos, occupation, climate, location, clothing preferences, and wardrobe to create an augmented reality virtual dressing room with you as the mannequin.

Users could swipe to “like” or “dislike” the look, shop and buy the outfit, or save for future review.

The U.K. patent application states, “If a calendar event was entitled ‘business meeting with James’ the images showing professional wear may be selected. If it was entitled ‘dancing with friends’, leisure or club-wear may be given preference during the selection process.”

The app could even scour devices belonging to a “friend or family member” to allow the “user to find an item of clothing to borrow.”

Amazon Patent Application

This appears to be a next generation of Amazon Echo “Look” the IOT smart camera launched by the company last year as a personal stylist, critic, and clothing recommendation engine.

Personalization vs. Privacy? Smart devices and technology. Who precisely is getting smarter?

(c) David J. Katz, New York City, 2019

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