The Rise of Cause Marketing – Podcast

A great pleasure to speak with Ronny Sage of “Shopping Gives” on the important topic of Cause Marketing.

On this episode of The Impact Exchange we welcome David Katz, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Randa Accessories, one of the world’s largest international apparel and accessories companies. David is a thought leader in the retail industry with over 30 years experience. His education in neuroscience lends a unique, scientific approach to understanding the interactions of physiology, psychology, behavioral economics and consumer response.”
“As David transitioned from the clinical field of behavior and response, he realized much of what he learned was also applicable to the understanding of consumer needs. Understanding and leveraging consumers’ response and behavior is literally a $71 Billion industry, under the simple term: Marketing. As the world evolves, consumers’ wants and needs change, causing their purchasing behaviors to shift constantly. In turn, every business attempts to respond in ways that lead to consumer purchase, loyalty and success a.k.a profit.”

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