Influence and persuasion, also known as marketing, are part science, part art, and mostly alchemy.

David J. Katz is executive vice president, chief marketing officer (and alchemist-in-residence) at Randa Apparel & Accessories, an industry-leading multinational consumer products company, owner of Haggar Clothing Co (the non-denim #1 pant brand in America), Tribal Fashion (the leading women’s sportswear brand in North American specialty stores), and Randa Accessories (one of the world’s largest accessories businesses).

His specialty is collaborating with retailers, brands, managers and suppliers to innovate successful outcomes in evolving markets.

Selected as one of 10 “Top Voices in Retail” by LinkedIn’s editors, David was named a leading fashion industry “Change Agent” by Women’s Wear Daily, a “Retail Radical” by The Robin Report, and a “Menswear Mover” by MR Magazine.

David has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, MR Magazine, and Women’s Wear Daily.

He is a public speaker, best-selling author, and contributing editor.

A student of neuroscience, consumer behavior and business administration, David is a graduate of Tufts University and the Harvard Business School. The name Pavlov rings a bell.